Freightliner code 21

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Freightliner Cascadia DD13 DD15 SCR inlet NOx sensor replacement spn 3216 (fmi 2 - 4 - 21)

Sep 3, 2. It means that the engine ECU has a code in it. ECU only identifies the module, it is not a fault code. Can you hit a dash button and get more numbers?

Different trucks display faults in different ways. Post exactly what is says. GrapeApeSep 3, Oldironfan Thanks this.

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Sep 3, 3. I forget exactly the way to do it, sometimes you have to hold down the buttons and for another step you have to just press. Play around with it for a bit and you should be able to get them to come up. Sep 3, 4. I have been getting that code for years it comes and goes,I just ignore it.

With these new emissions trucks the sensors will set off false warnings. Sometimes even your check engine light and emissons light will come on,And when you take it to the dealer its off and guess what they cant find nothing wrong. Sep 8, 5.Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Oct 20, 1.

I have a Volvo with Detroit Diesel series 60, 14 liter almost identical to a Now can not get it to start or run on it's own. Will start and run on either. I get a check engine light, run dianogists and get a code 21 active and code 51,52 inactive. Also changed the Timing REference sensor also known as the cam position senson. Replaced both these after getting the code and not starting with new sensors and still getting the same codes and not firing on it's own.

All I can think of at this point is to check the harness, though it looks in good shape. Please any suggestions is appreciated as I have so much time and money into this engine and got to get back to making so money with it. FlightlineOct 20, Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Oct 20, 2. Look at the simplest thing first- is the fuel transfer pump working?

The gears in it are often plastic- they crack and crumble when they get old. Is your electrical system letting you down? Bad battery, or shorted battery, corroded grounds- is the ecm wire corroded where it's mounted on the positive terminal on the battery? Are the connections on the ecm loose, or corroded?

How Do You Get Freightliner Codes?

Is the fuse for the ecm blown out? Is the drain valve open on the water separator? If this is the first startup after the rebuild, are the fuel lines connected backwards on the transfer pump? Good luck- hope it's an easy fix. Oct 20, 3. Flightline Thanks this.On-highway truck drivers demanded more of their on-highway truck. They wanted options.

freightliner code 21

We delivered. Trucking down to a science means attention to every detail. See what makes the Cascadia a best-in-class leader by exploring its new features here. Lower engine and radiator positions increase hood slope, improving sight lines.

Exterior trim packages and custom options add style and save fuel. Freightliner reimagined the Cascadia interior, starting with the dashboard, which features an all-new instrument cluster and automotive-style steering wheel controls and switch placement, to meet the driver needs.

The Cascadia day cab options are designed for safety and functionality. Gauges are integrated with the instrument cluster and operated from simple controls on the steering wheel. Large, comfortable seats, a powerful HVAC system with six dash-mounted vents and adjustable-tilt telescoping steering increase cab comfort. There are also new refrigerator options and improved storage spaces that include shelving.

A swing-out TV bracket accepts a inch flat-panel television; ambient lighting options and increased power outlets for added convenience. The downsped, HP DD13 efficiently powers less-than-truckload, regional distribution and vocational applications.

A great engine choice for the Cascadia, the DD13 features the longest service intervals in its class, with easy serviceability. The downsped, high-performance, HP DD15 engine is a great choice to power your custom Freightliner Cascadia, with a lb-ft rating, and greater horsepower and torque at lower RPMs. Operate in top gear longer and cruise at more efficient engine speeds with the DD A standard option in the Cascadia, the Detroit DT12 Automated Manual Transmission combines a traditional, clutch-actuated manual gearbox with a computer-controlled shift actuator and clutch.

The best shift patterns are selected electronically for optimal power and fuel efficiency. In the Cascadia, the DT12 transmission uses IPM to pinpoint the truck's location and looks more than a mile ahead to anticipate terrain, adjusting cruise control, pre-selecting gears, using eCoast and engine-braking to maximize efficiency. The superior choice for your Cascadia, Detroit axles meet the toughest demands. Our front-steer, single-rear and tandem-rear axles equip your truck with the support and maneuverability your business needs to facilitate success.

Helping fleets reduce diagnostic time and increase uptime in their new Freightliner Cascadias. Detroit Connect Direct provides fleets with direct access to critical information such as vehicle location, fault codes and diagnostics, fuel performance, safety data and driver behavior. With Detroit Connect Direct, customers can select which data sets they want, how much and how frequently they would like that data made available, so it can be imported into their backend systems.

Detroit Connect Direct is delivered through the proprietary Detroit Connect platform exclusive to the new Freightliner Cascadia. This provides the necessary information required from the vehicle to meet the federal ELD regulations without the need for any additional pieces of hardware. Cascadia owners can choose among multiple fleet-management solutions, including pre-wire options for third-party telematics providers.

Active Brake Assist is always on, detecting the distances to objects ahead in its path, calculating speed, and determining if a warning or braking action is necessary. The optional camera based Active Lane Assist features provide added protection for unintended lane drifting, lane centering corrections and blind spot side guard assist coverage for the entire length of the trailer.

Optional headway control in a new interactive dash display allows for adjusting following distances.Freightliner codes are obtained through diesel engine parts sites, such as DieselServiceParts. The site provides a long listing of codes that enable truckers and mechanics to diagnose a specific engine problem.

freightliner code 21

The engine control module, or ECM, constantly tracks voltage signals and records codes when values do not meet with the standard set for a specific system or part. Freightliner codes are categorized as inactive or active. If an error occurs but does not take place during diagnostic testing, it is referred to as an inactive fault. However, if the error occurs when a diagnosis is being made, it is considered an active fault. The status of a code is determined by an electronic service tool or by flash code activity.

The intake manifold pressure sensor circuit is designated by two codes, andand the coolant temperature sensor circuit has a error code.

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In addition to fault codes, diesel parts sites can provide engine specs and torque specs. Common failures occur the most often in sensors, fuel pumps and parts connected to the exhaust system in trucks. Home World View. What Causes a Diesel Engine to Overheat?By peterabbeMay 1, in Engines. Transmission code on Allison MD is d-1, I have an appointment with Cummins dealer in three weeks, could not wait that long, called Freightliner, they had a tech on it in 30 min.

freightliner code 21

I called the Allison dealer that installed the new ECU for the trans. By the way, the coach drives just fine, but has "service" illuminated on shift pad. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. Freightliner Thanks for the welcome.

I should probabley call Sparton, they made the coach. The Allison dealer also Sparton Rep. Yes, if on Spartan chassis, not Freightliner, call them: Not fun when the tps goes out, had that happen in the early 90's.

Still drove, but I had to keep moving the accelerator back and forth to keep it going. Use full throttle default, DNA. The sensor the ECM is looking for is a potentiometer, basically a pot. ECM not reading any voltage - so you might have an open 5 volt supply to the Pot, loose connector, broken part. In this case, my thought is a dirty control.

That pot is part of the throttle control!

Freightliner Business Class M2 Fault Codes List – Bulkhead Module

NOTE: A good throttle position sensor should have resistance of: 1. If the original ECU now works, inspect the ECU connectors for any corrosion or damage which may cause an intermittent condition.

If the original problem reoccurs, reinstall the replacement ECU.

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An open or short-to-ground will set Code 21 A short to battery will set Code 21 Older dumber APS designs were simple rheostats, varying V on one signal and V on the other, so the sum had to be 5V. You can have a knowledgeable tech probe for these values to see if the pedal assembly is currently working.Your business depends on getting the parts you need, when and where you need them. Our distribution centers are located across the country and employ the latest product-sourcing technology to distribute parts quickly and get you back to business.

Only Freightliner genuine parts are backed with our industry-leading warranty. Detroit parts are engineered for performance and reliability. With more than locations across North America, Alliance Parts is your go-to source for new and remanufactured parts and accessories. Harness the latest technology to cut maintenance and repair costs with Pinnacle Fleet Solutions.

Review the benefits and get information on enrollment today! Save money when you use your free Truck Bucks card and discounts on parts and services at participating locations.

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Enroll online or at a participating parts and service location. You can search for the right part based on make, model, year and other related fields. Dealers Submit. All-Makes Parts and Accessories With more than locations across North America, Alliance Parts is your go-to source for new and remanufactured parts and accessories.ECU by Part Number.

ECU by Make and Model. ECU Wiring Diagrams. ABS Diagnostic Tools. Industry Links.

Help Detoit series won't start-gives Code 21

Wabco D version ECU shape 1. Wabco D version ECU shape 2. Blink Code. Type of Fault. Action Required. Right front steering axle. ABS modulator valve. Check ABS modulator valve, valve cable, and connectors. Refer to service information provided by manufacturer. Left front steering axle.

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Right rear drive axle. Left rear drive axle. Too much sensor gap. Adjust wheel sensor to touch tooth wheel. Check sensor gap. Check for loose wheel bearings or excessive hub runout.

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Verify minimum 0. Sensor short circuit, or open circuit. Check sensor, sensor cable, and connectors. Verify ohms resistance.

Repair or replace as needed. Sensor signal erratic. Check for tyre size mismatch or tooth wheel difference. Check sensor, sensor cable, and connector for intermittent contact. Check for damaged tooth wheel. J or J datalink. Check for proper data link connection J and J Verify wheel spin on each axle.

Check ATC Valve, valve cables, and connectors. Verify 7 to 14 ohms resistance for a volt system, ohms resistance for a volt system. Retarder relay third brake. Check retarder third brake connections.